Understanding the Roof Inspection Process in Louisiana

Posted on March 16, 2022 - Roof Inspection

After a heavy storm, your roof may take on damage. From missing shingles to clogged gutters, these damages can lead to further damage to your roof. But, climbing onto your roof to inspect for damage can be dangerous. Don’t put yourself in a precarious situation. Let Livingston Roofing check for issues! Call our experts instead and let us carry out the roof inspection process in Louisiana for you. Your roofer thoroughly inspects these five features to make sure that your home is protected from damage.

Understanding the Step Roof Inspection Process in Louisiana

1. Gutters

In Louisiana, we are no stranger to heavy winds and rain. And because of this especially wet weather, we also understand the importance of a working gutter system. Rain gutters catch the water trailing down the slope of your roof. Once in the gutter, this travels to the downspout where it drains to the base of the house. Your gutter system is crucial for preventing water damage on the roof and at the foundation of your home. But if your gutter is clogged or cracked, it will not be able to safely direct water away from your house. Let our HAAG-Certified inspectors take a close look at your gutters to make sure they are working properly and preventing damage to your home!

2. Chimneys & Soil Stacks

Your roof inspector will also be able to safely check your chimney from the roof. The side of your chimney facing the incline of your roof tends to gather water. This is where a chimney saddle, also known as a chimney cricket, is essential. This angled piece of aluminum or steel is placed at this uphill slope to help divert water from pooling at the base of the chimney. Your inspector will both check to see if your home has this feature and then make sure that it is not damaged. This is also a prime opportunity during the roof inspection process to notice whether or not the home has a soil stack, or a vertical pipe that aids in draining sewage from your home. Damage to the soil stack may call for an all-new feature and reinstallation.

3. Skylights

The third set of features we look for in our roof installation process are skylights. While these features increase the amount of beautiful natural light in your home, these can also create a space for water or pests to enter your home. Skylights can typically last for eight to 15 years, but this depends on the quality of their installation as well as your general maintenance. As you approach the end of your skylight’s lifespan or if it takes on damage, it may be a wise choice to replace your skylight at the same time as roof repairs. Our experts can include this in your estimate!

4. Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the thin metal installed to help keep water from settling on your roof, much like the chimney saddle. This metal can be installed on the side of the chimney facing away from the incline, at roof valleys, and other areas where water flow is crucial. If your flashing is damaged or clogged by leaves and debris, this can inhibit the flow of water to your gutters. During our roof inspection process in Louisiana, we check for blockages, breaks, or deterioration that may call for new flashing.

5. Attic

Attics are a common feature in Louisiana homes. While it can be more difficult to notice signs of damage on your roof itself, your attic can be a more accessible indicator. Our experts can access your attic, if possible, and thoroughly inspect it for rotten wood, leaks, or wear and tear. After a hail storm, heavy rain, or snow, your inspector may notice water damage within your attic. They will also be on the lookout for poor insulation or other issues that should be addressed with a roof repair or replacement.

Get a Personal Look at the Roof Inspection Process in Louisiana

It’s time to schedule your inspection! Contact us today, and we’ll organize the best time for one of our highly-skilled workers to carry out a thorough roof inspection process in Louisiana. Give Livingston Roofing a call today at 225-644-5718. Or, send us a message to inquire about our service and receive a free estimate. This assessment includes the cost of estimated parts and labor. Once we have determined the right services for you, our team will get the ball rolling on your roofing needs.