Why Should You Choose a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector in Louisiana?

Posted on December 21, 2021 - Roof Inspection

In southern Louisiana, residential and commercial homes are often subjected to storm and wind damage. And while all may seem well once the clouds have parted, your roof may be left with issues that aren’t easily noticeable. However, assessing the damage yourself can put you at risk of injury. And, you may miss signs of issues that aren’t easily seen by an untrained eye. At Livingston Roofing, we offer high-quality inspections from a HAAG certified roof inspector in Louisiana! But why does this certification make our specialist stand out from the rest? Here is why you should trust a HAAG certified roof inspector for your Louisiana roofing services.Why Should You Choose a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector in Louisiana?

What is a HAAG Certification, and Why Does It Matter?

HAAG Engineering is a forensic engineering firm founded by engineer Walter G. Haag. Since 1924, these engineers have developed a specialty in researching roof damage caused by storms, mechanical or manufacturing issues, and more. This led to the development of the HAAG Certified Roof Inspection Program so that other professional roofers could learn these skills and apply them to their own businesses. Getting a HAAG certification requires extensive specialized training. The certification course covers three days of training led by HAAG engineers. The specialist learns how to assess roof damage with in-depth inspection techniques. Then, they must complete a final exam to receive their certification.

There are three programs that a roofer may choose: a Commercial Roof Inspector certification, a Residential Roof Inspector certification, or a Wind Damage Inspector Certification. Not only must the roofer complete the program to become certified, but they must also retake their test annually to maintain their certification. No matter the chosen program, receiving a HAAG certification provides an added layer of education and credibility to a roofing company’s business. And, homeowners and business owners alike can rest assured that they will receive expert service from their certified inspector.

Why Schedule Your Inspection With Our HCI?

Clarence “Chuck” Chenevert is our HAAG certified roof inspector (HCI) for residential roofs in Louisiana. With this specialized training and nearly four decades of experience, you can trust that he brings the highest quality skills to your roof inspection. Chuck and Livingston Roofing are dedicated to keeping your home and your family safe. After a storm or general wear and tear, your roof may take on damage that isn’t easily seen from ground level. With a detailed inspection, Chuck thoroughly covers all features of your roof, including the shingles, gutters, chimneys, and more. Our HCI can identify signs of damaged or compromised structure and schedule the necessary replacement or repairs right away.

Schedule With Our HAAG Certified Roof Inspector in Louisiana Today!

If you suspect that your home may have roofing damage, don’t wait to contact our HAAG certified roof inspector in Louisiana. We will schedule an inspection to assess any damage or signs of distress. Then we can provide you with a free estimate for your potential repairs or replacement. Livingston Roofing has taken care of the people of south Louisiana for over six decades with high-quality roof inspections and services. Schedule yours today by calling 225-644-5718, or message us online with questions. For trustworthy service from a HAAG certified inspector, contact Livingston Roofing today!