Warning Signs You Need A Roof Replacement in Baton Rouge

Posted on March 27, 2020 - Roofing Replacement

Performing routine maintenance on your roof is essential for catching problems early. If you’re able to catch damage on your roof before it gets too serious, it can save you money in the long run. To help identify issues, we provided a few tell-tale signs that indicate if you require a roof replacement. If you believe your roof is beyond repair or aren’t certain of the degree of damage, contact us. That way we can perform a free inspection to assess if you need a roof replacement. 

Shingle Damage

Shingle damage is one of the most obvious signs that your roof needs replacement. If you think you might have shingle damage, go outside and take a closer look at your roof. Do you notice shingles are missing or curling near the edges? If this is the case, it’s probably time for a roof replacement. When one part of your roof is compromised, the entire arrangement is compromised. And once your roof becomes exposed to the elements, it’s hard to tell how extensive the damage is. But, it’s not the end of the world. The experts at Livingston Roofing are familiar with these problems. If you suspect your roof has shingle damage, don’t hesitate to call Livingston Roofing. We’re ready to come out and provide you with a roof inspection, FREE of charge.

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Bulging and Stains

If you notice a bump or a bulge in your roof—this is a call for immediate attention. A bump in your roof is a sign of significant structural issues and any bulges are indicative of a leak. These occur due to water and other elements get through the hull of your roof and accumulate over time. 

Additionally, watermarks on the ceiling also indicate roof damage. If left unaddressed, these issues can compound, undermining the integrity of your roof. If you notice a dip in your roof, this could mean there is a rotting deck. Stains due to leaks and moisture may lead to serious damage over time. Don’t wait. Get a roof estimate to determine if you need a repair or replacement.

Sagging and Leaks

As your roof ages over the years, be on the lookout for sagging and leaks. Sagging roofs are typically visible from the exterior of the home. However, both issues become more evident once inside the attic of your home. Look for signs like rotting wood, dark streaks, mold, dripping water, and visible sun rays. If you’ve noticed any of these, it’s time to call Livingston Roofing to remedy this problem. 

Trustworthy Roof Replacement In Baton Rouge

It doesn’t matter if your roof is commercial or residential, Livingston Roofing has you covered. Our roofing experts are here with you through every step of the process—from filing the insurance claim to laying the last shingle. We’ve worked with local businesses and families for over 60 years! Trust Livingston Roofing for all your roofing repair and replacement needs. 

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