The Word on Roof Repair in Denham Springs

Posted on November 15, 2018 - Uncategorized

The Word on Roof Repair in Denham Springs, roof repair denham springs

If you’re a homeowner, we don’t have to tell you a roof is essential. We can pull on your heartstrings and talk about how it protects your loved ones. But we can also address it logically. A roof protects your property investment. When it’s damaged, you need to repair it. It can be a stressful situation. If you live in Denham Springs, find a local company who has an honest reputation and does quality work.

What’s In A Name?

When you tell people you’re from Denham Springs, do they think you’re saying “denim” as in blue jeans? You correct them and give the proper spelling, but do you know the meaning? As with many towns and parishes, it’s named after a person, specifically William Denham. He was born in Mississippi but moved to Louisiana to get married and buy property. Though he eventually relocated elsewhere, the name stuck.

The Springs in Denham Springs

The word “Springs” in the name is a bit more obvious. It comes from all the freshwater springs in the area. Half the time you might say you’re from “Denham.” (Who has time to say “Springs” too?) But the springs have long been a vital part of the town’s livelihood. Residents rely on it for drinking, and the water is part of many local businesses. Water might be a life source, but we all know too well the damage it can do. If water has affected your roof, you might need a repair to prevent further damage to your home.

Why You Should Repair Your Roof

Roof damage isn’t the end of the world, but you should address it quickly. We understand it can be stressful to worry about the cost of home repairs. But leaving damage untreated can lead to it worsening. Ignoring damage can make repairs more expensive. In the worst cases, it can make a whole replacement necessary. Start with a trustworthy roofer to give you an inspection. The damage might not be as severe as you feared. The roofer will then give you an estimate. Their work should ensure the longevity as well as the integrity of your roof.

Livingston Parish and Livingston Roofing

Where did Livingston Parish get its name? There are two possible sources. Robert Livingston (of the Louisiana Purchase) or Edward Livingston (who drafted the Louisiana Civil Code). Historians can’t decide. But either way, we named Livingston Roofing & Sheet Metal, LLC after the parish. We’ve been operating throughout south Louisiana since 1957. But Denham Springs will always hold a place in our hearts.  

Roof Repairs in Denham Springs

If you’re in need of a roof inspection, give us a call at 225-644-5718. You can also fill out our online contact form. You can see and read about our 60-plus years of roof replacements and repairs. We proudly serve Denham Springs, along with the rest of Livingston Parish and surrounding areas.