The Do’s and Don’t Of Roof Maintenance

Posted on August 28, 2020 - Roofing Repair

Roof maintenance is not something people think about on a daily basis. In fact, a lot of people rarely consider their roof unless a major storm causes damage, or a leak appears on the ceiling. However, Louisiana weather—both rain and shine—can do a number on your roof. From torrential downpour to beaming sunshine, your roof takes the brunt of it all. When you start to notice a leak inside your house, it’s possible that extensive damage has already occurred. That’s why that first big “DO” on your to-do list is making roof maintenance a routine. 

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Why Maintaining Your Roof Is Important

Your roof is the only thing separating you and your home from the elements. It’s the first line of defense from weather, sunlight, and other environmental factors. Because your roof protects your home from water leaks and damage, it’s crucial to keep your roof in tip-top condition. Even a small break in your roofing system can cause extensive damage. 

Water seeping in through your roof can cause mold growth which can cause health problems and structural damage. If you notice a wet spot on your ceiling it’s likely your roof has been leaking for a long time. That’s why regular roof maintenance is so important. If you notice a leak in your home it’s imperative you call a roofing expert right away for a roof repair. The experts at Livingston Roofing have compiled a short “do and don’t” list to help guide you through some simple roof maintenance steps.


  • Perform an annual roof inspection. If needed, hire a professional roofing company to do so. Not only is this option safer, but also roofers are able to spot damage that might not be as obvious to a homeowner.
  • Check the integrity of your roof after a major weather event. This could include rainstorms, tornados, or even just a common windstorm. Check the attic for leaks or sunlight shining through the roof.
  • Keep your roof free of any mold or algae growth. Over time these can penetrate your roof and diminish the integrity of the roofing materials. 
  • Check your shingles for granule loss. Granules might appear in your gutter system or at the base of your downspouts. 


  • Never put off roof repair. By the time a problem becomes obvious to you, it’s likely extensive damage has already occurred. At the first sight of roof damage call your local roof repair company immediately. 
  • Never climb on a wet roof and NEVER climb on a roof if you’re uncomfortable doing so. Leave the roof repair to the professionals. There’s no reason to risk your own well-being for something that can be handled by trained professionals.

Hire A Professional Roof Repair Company In Walker, LA

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