Prolong a Roof Replacement in Baton Rouge With the Right Damage Prevention

Posted on January 12, 2022 - Roofing Replacement

Over time, roofs wear down and need repairs or even a full replacement. However, damages and wear and tear can be prevented with the right measures. Prolong the life of your roof with help from the professionals at Livingston Roofing. See what you can do before you absolutely need a roof replacement in Baton Rouge.

Prolong a Roof Replacement With the Right Damage Prevention

Keep Your Roof Safe

Storm damage or severe wear and tear may call for a roof replacement in Baton Rouge. But a lot of roof damage that we see on homes is actually preventable. All they need are the right preventative measures in place to make the roof much safer. And this can lead to less wear and tear.

  • Remove nearby trees. One hard lesson that many southern homeowners have learned is that falling trees are a nightmare for roofs. And with half the year being storm season, you never know when a tree is going to fall and in which direction. 
  • Clean and repair your gutters. Gutters are one of the most traditional and still widely used forms of drainage systems. Moving water away from the home not only keeps your roof safe, but also your foundation. But they can’t do their job if they aren’t moving the water away or if they fill up with debris. The latter is another great reason to move trees away from the home. Clean out your gutters regularly and make sure water is flowing away from the home, or else water and mildew could damage your house. (Not to mention the threat of mosquitos laying eggs in the standing water!)
  • Keep an eye on foundation and siding damage. If one area of the home has damage, another could be affected—much like a domino effect. If you see cracks or damages in your foundation or sides of your home, you could be looking at current or future roof issues.
  • Treat damages as soon as possible. Notice a leak or a crack? Sometimes, the damage is minimal and only needs a repair or two. Such things are also much cheaper and keep your home safe from further damage.
  • Schedule a regular professional inspection. Sometimes there are damages that we cannot see. Having a professional come in and take a look for any unseen damages could save you thousands of dollars and valuable time down the road.

How Livingston Roofing Can Help

If you believe your roof has some sort of damage, feel free to have us conduct a roof inspection. But this doesn’t just include your roof. We also inspect chimneys, flashings, gutters, and downspouts. From here, we can take a look to see if you need roof repairs or an entire roof replacement in Baton Rouge. 

Need a Repair or Roof Replacement in Baton Rouge?

We have you covered! To begin, get in contact with us and we can begin the process or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call 225-644-5718, and one of our professionals will be happy to answer the call! Aren’t sure if you can afford us? No worries. All you need to do is to take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation roofing estimate. Let us do what we need to do in order to keep your roof safe and stable as long as possible.