3 Reasons to Be Proactive About Roof Replacement

Posted on December 16, 2022 - Uncategorized

Maintaining a home is no easy task. It can be tempting to push off jobs like roof replacement with thoughts like, “It can wait another couple of months.” But preventing roof damage can sometimes feel like a race against the clock when you are overdue for a roof replacement. Here are three reasons why you should always be proactive about scheduling a roof replacement from Livingston Roofing near Baker, LA.

Here are three reasons why you should always be proactive about scheduling a roof replacement from Livingston Roofing near Baker, LA.

1. Get Ahead of Cost with a Roof Replacement Near Baker, LA

We understand how finances may cause homeowners to procrastinate their roof replacement near Baker, LA. But, unfortunately, saving money now and putting off repairs or replacement frequently results in a higher overall cost later on. 

While regular roof maintenance is vital for prolonging a roof’s lifespan, quick fixes on an overdue roof can quickly add up. This is because as the roof ages, you may notice that repairs become more frequent. When deciding between a roof repair and replacement, always think about what is best in the long term for your home. 

If left unfixed, damage and issues can quickly snowball into something much more costly. Many insurance companies will force homeowners to pay out of pocket if the replacement is too overdue. To avoid a lapse in coverage, you should discuss the best strategy to prevent this circumstance with your insurance company. And if you are wondering if your roof is due for a replacement, don’t hesitate to set up a free inspection with the experts at Livingston Roofing!

2. Be Storm Ready

In Louisiana, fierce storms can develop at the drop of a hat. Statistically, Louisiana is the rainiest state in the continental United States. While this may be manageable for a brand-new roof, a damaged roof riddled with repair needs increases your chances of storm damage. For example, loose shingles and water leaks are the last things a homeowner should ignore. When paired with a particularly heavy storm, the damage could call for costly repair. 

Your family deserves a strong defense against the wrath of mother nature. A well-maintained roof can help keep the storm out while keeping you safe and dry inside. So with a new year’s worth of potentially bad weather on the horizon, sign up for a free roof inspection if you are due for a roof replacement near Baker, LA. After all, Louisiana is expected to weather an average of 56.9 inches of rain annually! 

3. Prevent Leaks That Create Mold and Mildew

Louisiana homes need to be equipped to handle high levels of moisture being in one of the wettest states in the entire country. A healthy roof shouldn’t struggle to keep the home’s inside dry, but it can be a different story for old, damaged roofs. 

Water damage can slip into the house without drawing attention. These leaks can create mold and mildew, putting your family and belongings at risk. Homeowners often do not realize a leak has sprung until it begins impacting their health. Don’t let your health suffer because of an overdue roof replacement. 

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