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Posted on November 2, 2021 - Roof Estimate


In Louisiana, we know the damage that hurricane season can bring to our homes. High winds, heavy rains, hail, and even lightning strikes can do a number on our shingles, leaving our roof in bad condition. This damage may call for a full roof replacement. Keep your home and family safe from pests and mold by ensuring that your roof is in top condition! Get in touch with our specialists today at Livingston Roofing to get a free roof estimate in Baton Rouge for storm and hail damage repair. Not sure if your roof has suffered damage after a storm? Here’s a post-storm checklist to help spot any issues. 

Get in touch with our specialists today at Livingston Roofing to get a free roof estimate in Baton Rouge for storm and hail damage repair.

1. Visually Inspect Your Roof

Once the storm has calmed, it is essential to take a look at your roof for signs of damage. Be sure to do this carefully. Inspect your roof as best as you can from the ground level, and save climbing onto your roof for the professionals. Notice any missing shingles, loose sealant, or missing flashing along your roof, chimneys, or skylights. Don’t forget to check your gutters, too. Backed up gutters can lead to overflows that may damage the ground below and even cause foundation issues. You may also see signs of interior issues such as water damage or mold on your ceiling. The moment you notice damage, contact our professionals at Livingston Roofing to get the ball rolling on a thorough inspection or a free estimate.

2. Schedule a Professional Roof Evaluation

While it is important to personally inspect any damage a storm may have caused your roof, don’t disregard the importance of a professional evaluation. At Livingston Roofing, we offer comprehensive evaluations to spot any damage that could be weakening the integrity of your roof. We inspect the roof, chimney, gutters, flashing, and downspouts to catch any issues that may not be seen from the ground. Then, we can help you determine what your next steps should be for repairs or replacement.

3. Move Forward with Your Replacement

No matter how big or small, storm damage to your roof can be dangerous. Putting off your repairs can lead to even greater problems within your home. This may include water damage, pest infiltration, mold, and higher energy bills. These issues can call for a roof replacement. With the aid of a licensed contractor like our professionals at Livingston Roofing, you can find the fastest, most cost-effective solution to hail, rain, or wind damage! The sooner you schedule your service, the safer your home and your family will be.

Get a Free Roof Estimate in Baton Rouge After the Storm

Is it time to get your roof evaluated? Contact us at Livingston Roofing today to schedule an inspection. We also offer free estimates to help you know just what to expect regarding your roof replacement. These estimates are completely free of obligation. We will work up an accurate quote for your materials and labor, and you can trust that you will be getting the highest standard of trustworthy service. Just send us a message online to get started. Or, call us at 225-230-9357 with questions, concerns, and scheduling so that we can return your roof to top-quality. We look forward to hearing from you!