Church Roof Replacements in Baton Rouge

Posted on September 30, 2018 - Uncategorized

Church Roof Replacements in Baton Rouge, roof replacements baton rouge“Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors, and see all the people!”

Did you ever sing this song as a child? Maybe you even remember the hand motions to go with it. Churches are often the foundations of a community, especially here in Louisiana. But if even if the figurative foundation is strong, you can’t gather a congregation under a bad roof. Thankfully, church roof replacements in Baton Rouge can be as easy as child’s play.

“Here is the church…”  

With all the crazy weather in Baton Rouge, our roofs take a beating. Hail, rain, wind—even the sun and humidity—can cause damage. If you suspect weather or age has damaged your roof, call a roofing professional and show him your church.  A certified inspector will assess the damage and determine the next steps.

“Here is the steeple…”

It’s obvious a steeple won’t have anywhere to go if the church has no roof! After an inspection, your roofers will make recommendations and go over your options. Sometimes, replacements aren’t even necessary!  Roofers can make repairs to ensure the integrity and safety of your structure. We understand you need to be good stewards of your building and make the best financial decision. The right roofing partner will help safeguard your community’s spiritual home.

“Open the doors…”

If a replacement is necessary, your roofer should take care of every step along the way. They’ll help you select the optimal materials to start their work. And once the job wraps up, they’ll haul away the damaged roof off church property. Keep the lines of communication open. It’s important to stay informed throughout the entire process.

“… and see all the people!”

Let your congregation know the expected timeline. Once the roof is successfully replaced, it’s time to celebrate! Your roofers will also recommend a maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections. The goal is to catch any future damage early and make small repairs. This will help you avoid having to get another roof any time soon. A quality job and proper maintenance will ensure your church family has a place to gather for years to come.

Baton Rouge Church Roof Replacements

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